Vocabulary for New Sports at the Tokyo Olympics

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Vocabulary for New Sports at the Tokyo Olympics

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In the Tokyo Games, there are several “new” Olympic sports: karate, skateboarding, sport climbing, surfing and baseball for men and softball for women.
Baseball and softball are actually not new. The two sports have returned to Tokyo after some years away from the Games.
In this week’s lesson, we will look at the verbs and nouns that you hear from broadcasters and read in publications. Hopefully, it will help you understand what they are talking about!

Let us bgin with baseball.
A player who starts a game by throwing a baseball is called a “pitcher.” The pitcher will throw, or “pitch”, to an opposing “batter” who stands at “home plate” ready to hit with a bat.

In the “at bat,” if the “batter” swings and misses, it is called a “strike.” If the “batter” hits the ball cleanly and reaches a “base,” it is called a “hit,” as in:

Dave got a hit in his first at bat. ทดลองเล่นสล็อต
But a “hit” does not give the team a point, or a “run,” in baseball. A “batter”, now called a “runner”, has to be able to move up, touch all three “bases” and return to “home plate” to score a “run.”

Softball is similar to baseball. But the sport is usually played by women.
On Monday, American player Kelsey Stewart “hit” a softball out of the ballpark for a “homerun” to win the game 2-1. You probably heard the announcer say:
Kelsey Stewart hits a walk-off homerun for the United States.
Well, it is called a “walk-off” when a player scores a “run” at the bottom of the final “inning” to win a game.

However, Japan turned a “double play” in the final game on Tuesday to win the gold medal over the U.S. With two “runners” on first and second bases, an American player hit the ball hard. The ball bounced off a Japanese player and was caught by Mana Atsumi in the air for the first “out.” Atsumi then threw the ball to second base to get the second “out” for a “double play.”

There are two different karate competitions in Tokyo called “kata” and “kumite.”
“Kata” is a one-person event in which competitors perform offensive and defensive movements against a virtual opponent. Judges award points based on strength, speed, rhythm and balance.

In “kumite”, two competitors fight for three minutes or until one has collected eight more points than the other. A punch to the head or body scores one point; a kick to the body gets two points; and a high kick to the head gains three. You may hear this while watching a fight:

The Czech karateka landed a punch to the head, scoring a “yuko.”

“Karateka” is Japanese word for a karate competitor. And you should know what “yuko” is.

Have you ever tried skateboarding? There are two kinds of competition – “street” and “park.”

In the “park” event, skateboarders launch themselves into the air from an area that looks like an empty swimming pool. They receive points for performing “tricks” like jumping and turning in the air. In “street” skateboarding, competitors perform “tricks” on things you might find on a street, such as stairs, benches and railings.

This is one sport that definitely attracts younger people to the games. Two 13-year-olds, Momiji Nishiya of Japan and Rayssa Leal of Brazil, won the gold and silver for “street” skateboarding earlier this week.

As Nishiya skated to the gold on Monday, you might have heard the announcer say:

If she can put down one of her signature tricks, front-side crook -- she

Sport climbing is a new sport to the Olympics. There are three things each climber must do: “speed, bouldering and lead.”

In “speed,” two climbers go up a 15-meter high wall. The men’s winner usually makes the c
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